David Eshkenazi On-site Personal Trainer
Before I started working out with David over two years ago, my workouts were inconsistent and not very effective. Having David come to my house twice a week has made a huge difference in my exercise routine. He developed a program that works my whole body and has improved my strength, flexibility and coordination. David is very committed to his clients and is always willing to adjust his schedule to accommodate their needs.

 - Elise

David has been a G-D sent Angel!!!
My husband, Barry, has been working out with David for quite some time. He arrives at 6:30am sharp every Tuesday and Thursday to start Barry's day off. Though every time the door bell rings, Barry mumbles the same phrase...."he never forgets". Meaning David is so reliable and consistent he never forgets to show up and kick some touchie!!!!
Barry has never felt better Physically and mentally. David whips him into shape every time. Never gets boring. That is key for Barry. The heart shaped sweat mark on Barry's t-shirt makes us all laugh, but we know what a great workout he has just had.
David is a wonderful personal trainer, but more than that, he has become an amazing friend and confidant. We care for him as he cares for us.

 - Barry and Cindy

I have been working with David for a couple of years since he relocated to the Denver area. He has given me the confidence to box consistently sometime twice per week, which has been totally exhilarating and wonderfully strengthening to my upper arms. Every work-out session is different, which is quite amazing. He brings different equipment frequently and somehow manages to utilize the equipment in several different ways. When I think the session is nice and mellow, he reves up the tempo with constant encouragement and always has a pulseometer to check out my heart rate and oxygen content; and frequently encourages me to drink water. He has guided me through various aches and pains which only occurs when one reaches their 60th birthday. I believe I have been able to maintain my stamina as a runner and have been able to continue to train for different long distance races due to his diligence and encouragement. At times he has also given training sessions to different members of my family, with excellent results as well. I would certainly encourage anyone who has ever thought about working with a personal trainer to work with David at least one session because you would want to continue the training sessions.

 - Lorraine

William, MD
David gives a terrific massage. His command of the musculo-skeletal system allows him to give a powerful precision therapeutic massage. He encounters knots and stains along the way and considers them challenges to massage though. Fascia lata beware!

 - William, MD

I do not like to sweat and I hate spandex, but I love being in shape. Thanks to David I am in the best physical condition that I have been in for years. My workouts are always varied and different. He makes getting sweaty “fun.”

 - Kim

David is an excellent trainer. He develops a personalized program specific to your needs. He provides a thorough workout that includes cardio training, strength, balance, core, flexibility, and more. Its never boring and is fast-paced. David is always encouraging you to try a little bit more. Its a great workout.

 - Laura

I have been working with David for over a year and it's been a great experience. I whine while he's here, I'm tired when he leaves but know I am getting a great full body workout. He mixes it up too so I feel like we are working different muscles. He is always in a good mood and ready to torture me in to shape.

 - Kathy

With my focus on maintaining a good fitness level for long distance bicycle riding I was interested in working with David at home. Initially I just wanted ideas so I could work out on my own. However I soon realized that David was taking me to a new level & decided that this was an investment in my health. We have worked together for about one year. My strength, definition, flexibility & balance are greatly improved.
As a doctor with an interest in fitness & staying healthy I believe that we need to take responsibility for our own health. We do not control everything but what we do control can greatly enhance the quality of our lives. Working with David is an important step for me in that direction & I look forward to, & enjoy, our workouts (bring on the Israeli army bootcamp!). Next thing I want him to improve my free style swimming in time for summer!

 - Herzl, MD

David is my personal trainer. He comes to our home twice a week which is very convenient for me. He is always very punctual.
I have Parkinson's Disease and David is very knowledgeable about what exercises are appropriate for me, and is very helpful working on my special needs. Every session includes balance, aerobic, strength training and once a week boxing. There is always something new, so workouts are fun and never boring. David always has the pulse oximeter handy and checks oxygen level and pulse rate throughout our routines. David is very important to my wellbeing and I consider myself fortunate that my Parkinson's Disease has had very little progression. I attribute this to my exercise program and workouts. I look forward to my twice a week workouts with David and can highly recommend him. He knows what to focus on.

 - Byron

Working out with David Eshkanazi is a present I have given to myself. He brings good health and good cheer to our house. He is knowledgeable and experienced and I am confident that he knows my limits.
David's focused, persistent, supportive and kind training has made me stronger and more fit. Fitness is more important to me as I get older and more conveniently accomplished with David's help.
Los Angeles' loss is Denver's gain. He is a very competent and caring fellow!

 - Susie

After knee replacement and Spinal Stenosis surgeries physical rehab was acutely necessary to rehab my new replacement knee and a severely nerve damaged atrophied leg. Initial rehab at doctor clinics showed little improvement although rehab personnel seemed quite knowledgeable.
From a friend david Eshkenazi was referred to me from her personal experience.

David began his initial rehab five months ago two to three times per week in 1/2 hour sessions. Unlike previous rehabs David began at once treating the entire body from ankle to shoulders with exercises that emphasized strength, range of motion and full body balance.

His enthusiasm, positive and knowledgeable approach gave me immediate pain relief along with evidence of increasing fitness after each session. Today I am almost to the point of my excellent fitness level before my surgeries. I am very grateful to David! David's approach of treating the entire body makes total sense. It worked for me. I personally recommend David to anyone with rehab needs. Oh yes! He's also a very nice guy.

 - Ed

I have been training with David for the last six months, and in spite of my early morning "blues" his positive attitude, variety of interesting exercises, and ability to push me to do what I think I can't, has made me look forward to our sessions together. He is very skille in being able to "listen" to what my body is saying, and to push the right buttons to help me achieve my exercise goals. Our workouts are never boring and routine. That makes it well worth it.

If you're ready to enjoy working out instead of dreading it, David is your man.

 - Bill

David has been an excellent trainer for me. After I began with him, I saw immediate documentable results. My resting heart rate and blood pressure each fell dramatically after just a few weeks with David. His ability to help me push through my own mental blocks has dramatically increased the effectiveness of my workouts.
David also cares deeply about his clients. He takes the time to know not only what I want out of the experieince in the gym, but also, how he can help advise me on the best life-decisions to succeed with my fitness goals.
I highly recommend David's services.

 - Jeff

I gave up running/walking in July due to Plantat Fascitis. I rested and took ibuprofen for a couple months, but when I stopped the ibprofen, the heel pain was still there. I then started physical therapy - for 7 sessions at $35 co-pay. That amounted to 2 minutes of ultrasound, followed by 2 minuted of the therapist working on my plantar fascia. Then I had to stretch for a couple minutes, and then they threw on ice. that did no good, so I paid $350 for orthodics. No relief. Then a visit to an orthopedic surgeon, for 3 rounds of cortisone (at $35 co-pay each. No effect. Next I started a stretching class five days a week. Some improvement was noted. but, when I finally made my way to David, and his working on my foot for 30-50 minutes every 5 days - Finally - results. I'm up to walking a couple miles at t time, and anticipating getting back to running soon. David's massage has put me over the hump on my way to being pain free in my heel! This has been my first time working with a massage therapist - and it couldn't be better!

 - Marsha

Los Angeles & Beverly Hills
I have been with David over 8 years, and though I have accused him at times of running an Israeli Army boot camp, I am forever grateful for his kindness, caring, and patience.  Exercising with David was never boring, he constantly varied our routine and made me marvel at what I was able to do (including boxing which I enjoyed after getting over my initial shock of "boxing, you expect me to box).  I will miss him very much, but continue to workout because of him.

 - Patricia Waldron, MD

I enthusiastically endorse David Eshkanazi.  He’s knowledgeable, sensitive, and aware of physical limits, yet encouraging and was able to gently push, when needed, to make further progress.  I worked with him both in a gym and swimming pool and he’s skilled in either setting.  We also worked on balance problems and I was able to make tremendous progress in that area as well.  David is the Best!

- Ruth Webster

Alison and Even
David is great at catering his workouts to each person's individual needs. He makes sure that you're getting the right workout for your body and that you leave feeling invigorated and strong, not sore!  I would give David my highest recommendation!

- Alison and Even

Jonathan & Joanna Shebso We loved exercising with David - he is so motivating! He really knows how to push his clients to achieve - but to make sure they can handle it. The routine is always varied and interesting. We loved working out in the pool too. And when Joanna was pregnant he was able to adjust the exercise routine to work right up to the week before our babies were born. One of the things that keeps you going is looking forward to a really good stretch followed by a quick 3-minute massage and back crack. We never felt sore at the end of a workout even  though we worked hard. David even got our 4 year old son to beg to work out with him.

 - Jonathan & Joanna Shebson

David Eshkenazi is an excellent trainer who motivates me to become fitter and healthier.  My workouts with David are challenging, varied, and never boring.  He always arrives on time with a positive attitude that is contagious.  It is a real pleasure training with David.

 - Hillel

Bob When we started, the Plantar Fascitis in my heels was so bad that I couldn’t stand to have you work on them.  My knee blew up every time I ran the basketball court.  My back was frequently in spasm, and the arthritis in my neck made sleep all but impossible.  I am now nearly pain-free and can sleep through the night. I don’t know how to thank you. 

Just as important, you and your family have become good friends and a part of my family.  I hate to lose you, and Denver is lucky to have you.  I wish you and your family good health, much happiness, and every success. 

 - Bob

David Eshkenazi is the best trainer I’ve ever had!  He is totally committed to bringing out the best in each and every client.  I totally recommend him as a trainer and masseur. We in Southern California will really miss him.

 - Lois

David Eshkenazi was my trainer in Beverly Hills. He is very special and has done wonders with me.  I love all the workouts, especially the boxing.  I will miss him.

 - Cathy

I am so happy to have been part of your successful program.  You are the most caring trainer—very, very interested in our well-being.

 - Joy

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David is a wonderful trainer and a wonderful person.  He just keeps you going no matter what!  It always made me feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

 - Claire


David has been a joy in my life.  I will miss him a lot.  He has really helped me keep my body in shape even though it has been difficult at times.  He doesn’t take “No—I can’t do it.”  He is a caring, concerned, and wonderful trainer.

 -Sue Weiss


David is a wonderful young man besides being a terrific trainer. He keeps me moving, which in my opinion, is very important. I wish you well in Colorado.

 - Renée

Thanks to you, I got up off the easy chair and moved!  It has been a pleasure seeing you twice a week for some years now. Whenever I said “I can’t,” you said “oh yes you can!”—and I did!  We will all miss you.  Good luck, and we’ll see you up there!

 - Lorraine


David’s favorite expression is, “you can do it!” so we try.  It’s been a really good experience.  Thank you, David.

 - Cappy

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